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Hamptons Styling

Ahhh Hamptons freshness! You got to love the ambiance of a Hamptons styled space. The white interior brings with it a relaxed atmosphere while also being ideal for entertainment. Essentially the base colour of this style is white. You can achieve the Hampton’s Style in your home by trying these tips:

The Base

Decorate your space in white. This creates a welcoming and classic look. Big areas of glass are essential in windows. You might want to edge them in clean aluminium frames or edge them in semi-gloss painted timber.

Something else that uplifts the Hamptons look is French doors that swing open to invite breezes and banks of louvered glass.

For the kitchen cabinetry, choose all white finishes that have glass-paned doors or open shelving. Have light-coloured marble bench tops. The backbone of this style in the kitchen is pendant lighting. Choose lantern styles in glass and metal.

The Styling

You will want to pile cushions on top. Here is where you get a chance to mix up a few colours such as Chinoiserie and chintz. Texture can play an important role in jute edges and beautiful quality linens. 

Come up with decorative vignettes in the living areas, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Introduce task lighting on tabletops covered with plain linen shades on glass-based lamps and coffee table books. Throughout the whole styling process, try sticking to ceramics in white and blue – lace patterns geometric lattice and light floral patterns.

The Layers

Timber floorboard is the ideal flooring for an upheld and stylish Hamptons style. Pale timber with pure white, grey undertones or with a whitewashed look are the best choices. These give the air of easy living and effortless coastal style.

Use rugs woven with natural cotton and bleached wool textures or natural fibres of sisal and jute. Faded blues also work magnificently on timber floors.

If you wish to have a carpet as part of your style, seek one that has simple textures and natural tones which induce driftwood and sandy shores. 

The Furnishing

Be generous when it comes to furnishing. Embrace overstuffed sofas dressed in linen slipcovers in pale neutrals. Side tables and sideboards covered in natural timber bring a new dimension to your space. Rattan armchairs with padded cushions and tray tables also cultivate an edge to any Hamptons theme.


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