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Maybe it’s because of the breathtaking magnificent sandy beaches and cool vibe of the coastal region. But people are falling in love with the Australian Coastal Style. If you want to create this in your home, this post will go a long way in helping you.

What You Need To Create the Australian Coastal Style

Give some attention to texture so that it appears relaxed and laid back. To achieve this, the following elements are necessary:

Natural timber accents. Have the right quality hardwoods that will remain stable for long while only weathering to grey.

Lining boards in place of full render. You can use weatherboard. To achieve a more contemporary statement, adopt square or rectangular boards painted with low sheen finishes or matt. Avoid using high gloss.

Reduce the amounts of metal and stainless steel, especially if you are in a coastal area because these materials tend to corrode almost in a matter of hours. 

Only include marine grade stainless steel for metal purposes and look for metals that are endorsed for use in coastal regions. You’ll come to appreciate this decision in the years to come.

Color Schemes

The key here is to keep it simple. Have whites for weatherboards. If you want some tonal variation, adopt elements of black and natural timbers.

The Australian Coastal Look From Outside

It is good to pay some close attention to the outside. Make it your duty to:

  • Use similar flooring for both outside and inside
  • Cover outdoor rooms. There may be too much rain and you will need shelter from it often.
  • Carefully introduce furnishings to the outside area by having outdoor heating, comfortable seating and some accessories.

Create a Coastal Look by Landscaping

Your garden can take these forms:

  • Meandering pathways. Adopt the beach look with natural winding paths
  • Engage in light landscaping where you use natural stone and gravel for the paths. This is simple and also allows free drainage.


Furniture contributes significantly to the Australian Coastal style:

  • Have oiled surfaces to keep the look relaxed.
  • You could cover sofas in natural fibres – slipcovers for sofas sound exquisite.
  • Chalk painted furniture work well
  • Weathered timber works excellently in achieving a coastal look.

Accessories to Top It All Off

Make use of Rattan in pendants, stools, baskets and occasional chairs.

Have rugs on distinct areas instead of the formal wall to wall carpets. If carpets are really needed in the bedrooms, let them be made of natural fibre like jute or be 100 percent wool.


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